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Creativity-at-work programs for those who will work in the reel world!

Qualify for: Studio level
Creativity-at-Work programs in VFX , Game Design, Film, Audio, Graphic Media Design, Photography, Interior Design

Do you have the right stuff to create?

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Solution: Living Arts wants to look at your potential to become a Creativity Pro

If you're serious about breaking in, we want to share 25+ years of studio success with you!

Graduate success

Graduate success

Offer: Contact my office to discover more about your potential and where you might send samples to:

Debra Hooper

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INCREDIBLE - Living Arts grads work on the features, games, advertising & the future!

Graduate success

We want you make application if you can demonstrate - the passion and dedication to become a successful Creativity Professional. We will reward you with studio level projects, a dedicated faculty and 25+ years of success stories! Find out more by phoning or email:   Call Debra Hooper help.

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